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Yearbook Archive

Collage of past yearbooks

The yearbook, also known as an annual, is a record of a school’s yearly activities and should document that year of time in a student’s life.  It is often the single source that a school has to document memories and school history. So often in the news, whether by tragedy or triumph, a person’s past is documented by a photograph from their school yearbook. Often when reminiscing through family albums or scrapbooks, each of us stumbles across the school yearbook – and we hesitate for a moment and leaf through the book that evokes so many memories. 

For over 30 years the annual was known as the Pine Cone; however, in 1974 the name was changed to the Lion’s Den.  As far as we know, every yearbook published by NBHS is here.  If you have an earlier yearbook, please contact the Librarian at New Boston High School 903-628-8548.

Select a year below to view a pdf version of the Yearbook for that year.

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We now have every yearbook in the history of New Boston ISD!

If you would like to purchase a hard copy of an old yearbook or order the latest yearbook, please contact the high school at 903-628-8548.

Yearbooks online will always be two years behind.